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an•gel•ic ~ like or befitting an angel, especially in virtue, beauty, etc.:angelic sweetness.

twins ~ either of two persons or things closely related to or closely resembling each other.

This blog is shared by two ladies, both engineering students. Despite the fact that "engineering" is a "man's work", these two lovely ladies prove that they can still be fashionable although they chose to be inclined in a "man's job".

Three major reasons why it was entitled, "The Angelic Twins"

1. Twins; not because we're identical nor biological sisters, but a lot of people says that we look similar. Our friends and family tell us we look the same. Teehee ^^

2. Angelic; because we think and we feel pretty.

3. Lastly, we both have a history being teased and called "Angel Locsin" Hahahaha :D

Blog Birth date: December 3, 2012

Disclaimer: All photos here are originally owned by the Angelic Twins unless otherwise stated.

Official email: theangelictwins@gmail.com

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Mix and Matchies
written on Saturday, August 24, 2013 @ 3:20 AM ✈

Surrounded with judgmental eyes here in the province, we have the tendency not to dress up that much. Dressing up  means you are the apple of the eye of every people here. In the "apple-of-the-eye" statement, it may or may not be negative but most probably, negative. 

That's why we have the tendency to repeat our clothes. Our closet may be full of clothes yet some clothes may not be acceptable in the society if worn in a normal day without any occasion to attend to. Plus, we're still not hundred percent used to the stares of the people - maybe 50 to 75 per cent. *Forgive us* :)

That, being a major problem, we repeat clothes but we make sure we do it with fashion. That's why we've decided to come up with a theme of mix and match. The rule with our theme is that we need to choose one top, one bottom, and a pair of shoe from our past outfits that we didn't pair together.

Le'ts take a look at the details ;)
On Abee's

Shirt, Bench;  Denim Skirt, Shoppaholic
 Necklace, Gift
Laced Shoes, Landmark 
 Watch, Gift

Abee: So this is where I got the clothes, the top on the first photo, the top on the second photo and the shoes from the third photo.

On Jianne's

 White Shirt, A random shirt from my closet, I don't know where I got this
Jianne: Neon Owl Necklace, "A git from my bee-ef, Ira"  
Printed Leggings, Steal My Closet of Frances and Flair; Shoes, Pony
 Watch, Skechers (Gift from dad); Hairband as bracelet

Jianne: I've realized that I have never used the shirt I'm wearing. Silly me. But yes, my shoes was from the first photo, then the leggings was from the second photo and then the beanie that I'm wearing was from the third photo ;)

Do you like the way we matched the outfits? Let us know your comments and suggestions ♥

Love love love,

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