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an•gel•ic ~ like or befitting an angel, especially in virtue, beauty, etc.:angelic sweetness.

twins ~ either of two persons or things closely related to or closely resembling each other.

This blog is shared by two ladies, both engineering students. Despite the fact that "engineering" is a "man's work", these two lovely ladies prove that they can still be fashionable although they chose to be inclined in a "man's job".

Three major reasons why it was entitled, "The Angelic Twins"

1. Twins; not because we're identical nor biological sisters, but a lot of people says that we look similar. Our friends and family tell us we look the same. Teehee ^^

2. Angelic; because we think and we feel pretty.

3. Lastly, we both have a history being teased and called "Angel Locsin" Hahahaha :D

Blog Birth date: December 3, 2012

Disclaimer: All photos here are originally owned by the Angelic Twins unless otherwise stated.

Official email: theangelictwins@gmail.com

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KALSADA PH by Bjorn Manila
written on Sunday, July 7, 2013 @ 4:41 AM ✈

Have you heard about Kalsada PH? If you haven't heard, Kalsada PH is a project of Bjorn Bedayo aka Bjorn Manila to feature how Filipinos portray street style fashion.

Quoted from its Facebook page, KALSADA PH

"Kalsada is an upcoming website that celebrates Philippine street style at its finest documenting what Filipinos genuinely wear across 26 cities nationwide and aims to gather and strengthen the synergy of the youth and fashion community."

We, Abee and Jianne had the opportunity be a part of this project together with fellow bloggers and fashionistas here in Naga.

(Photo from Bjorn Bedayo)
Well, this blog post will not be about our outfits, yet. We will have a separate post about it. We'll share the experience we had with Bjorn and A-Fash!

Ate Jamie invited us to go to Ateneo so that we can participate in Bjorn's project. After our 8 am - 10 am class, we went straight to Ateneo and looked for Ate Joyce (of Frances and Flair) and Ate Sam since they were the guides of Bjorn. After meeting Bjorn *which was a great privilege for us* we went to the Coko Cafe to have snacks with Bjorn, Bjorn's mother and some A-Fash members. We had chitchats and exchanged stories that we can say, fun. Eventually, we went outside of the Cafe so that Bjorn can do his task.

Ate Abby taking photo of the Vasquez Sisters while Bjorn was busy taking photos :)
But, Abee had 12 pm class so we went back to our school to do our school stuff. After our 3 pm class, we went back to Ateneo and there, met a lot of A-Fash members. They were so cute!! :)

They shared that some people in Ateneo hate them, which made us sad cause they are gorgeous and nice people! BUT! Yes, there's a big but! Bjorn said, "Remember, some people in Ateneo de Naga University may hate you but the more important thing is that the whole Philippines is celebrating your style and passion. "  ♥ So, don't you worry cause we're here to love you all!! :)

Know what? A picture is worth a thousand words. Let us quit talking a lot and just look at the photos we took with the A-Fash family! :)

(Left) Bjorn with Frances and Flair
(Right) Bjorn with his guides for that Day, Ate Joyce and Ate Sam
(Left) Ate Jamie photo bombing! Cutie ~ *_*
(Right) Bjorn with Ate Pam, Ate Sofia and a new member of A-Fash :)
(Left) The two hyper  yet cutie A-Fash members :")
(Right) Abee with Arnel :)
The formal and wacky shot of three gorgeous ladies with Bjorn. ♥
(Left) Bjorn with Ate Danica
(Right) Bjorn with the "Wardrobe for Three" (Remo, Inna and Nikole)
(Left) Bjorn with Ate Tess
(Right) Bjorn with Ate Jamie
And of course, us, with Bjorn :""") ♥
It was a fun day spending with the A-Fash and Bjorn. We got to meet a lot of A-Fash members personally. We were able to meet those people whom we only knew through their blogs. And indeed, was such a great experience.

To Bjorn, we are very thankful and honored to be a part of your project. Hoping for your continuing success and see you in September! And before we forgot, we wanted to give a big thanks to your mother who is very generous and kind to all of us. We admire her for being a very supportive mom! Thank you soooo much Bjorn and to your mother! :) 

And to the A-Fash, we're looking forward to collaborating again with you. See you very soon :")

Lots of love,

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