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an•gel•ic ~ like or befitting an angel, especially in virtue, beauty, etc.:angelic sweetness.

twins ~ either of two persons or things closely related to or closely resembling each other.

This blog is shared by two ladies, both engineering students. Despite the fact that "engineering" is a "man's work", these two lovely ladies prove that they can still be fashionable although they chose to be inclined in a "man's job".

Three major reasons why it was entitled, "The Angelic Twins"

1. Twins; not because we're identical nor biological sisters, but a lot of people says that we look similar. Our friends and family tell us we look the same. Teehee ^^

2. Angelic; because we think and we feel pretty.

3. Lastly, we both have a history being teased and called "Angel Locsin" Hahahaha :D

Blog Birth date: December 3, 2012

Disclaimer: All photos here are originally owned by the Angelic Twins unless otherwise stated.

Official email: theangelictwins@gmail.com

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Some little snapshots
written on Thursday, April 11, 2013 @ 5:42 AM ✈

This are just some pictures taken on my birthday, which was ages ago already. Haha! Kidding. ;'> This happened last February 28. (Yes, that is my birth date ;) *wink*) And, I would just like share how I enjoyed my day.

My bestfriend's gift. :) That cake was really sweet and yummy! Thank you Cassi for this. :) :*

"It's my BIRTHDAY"
Good thing I was able to use this at Moonleaf Naga. :)

(random snapshot)

(random snapshot) I will definitely miss Moonleaf Magsaysay. >.<

I posted this last February 15, best friend's birthday and luckily, it's still there! :)

We also saw this post of a close friend of mine. Yiiee! They're so inlove! ♥ Haha!

Thank you for the greeting! :) ♥

We added our twitter accounts. :) BUT, we wrote the wrong username of one of our friends. Sorry. >.<
(Go follow us on Twitter! you can just click the follow button on the left side of this page or click here -> ABEE'S TWITTER    JIANNE'S TWITTER)

Teehee. If you only know the story behind this. Hahaha! Thank you Arnel A. Tolete Jr. for posting this! Hahaha!

My very pretty sister. Haha! I know we don't look similar. -.- Hello to you sister! :) Martina Silerio

Bespren Arnel A. Tolete Jr. asked me to write something on his planner so I literally wrote SOMETHING. Hahaha! :) But of course, I wrote a little something more than that.

Hi Kuya Elpee and bespren Arneliii! Hahaha! ;'> I miss you both! Wish we could hang out again soon!

"Congratulations! You are one more step closer to gray hair, fallen teeth, chin with wrinkles and loss of memory. LOL

PS! Ano meron ngayon??

(AbiRhaEus - Abi for Abigail, Rhace for Grace just modified it, Eus for Cateus. We came up with that name when we were still in third year high school. We're classmates and that time the three of us agreed to join our school's CAT Unit to be an officer for our senior year. YES! I was a CAT officer way back in high school. ;> )

That's my sister and my mom. :) Big smiles huh.

Thanks for spending my day with me!

(Sitting from L-R: Grace, Jenn, Carla, Rani, Martina. Standing: My bestfriend, Me and my mom)

Pahabol greeting from a friend! Thank you for this Andy! :)

I just wanted to thank all the people who remembered my birthday! Haha! And of course my friends and especially my parents for letting me have a little celebration with my friends. And most especially God who gave me another year and let me live my life to the fullest!

Love y'all!

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