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an•gel•ic ~ like or befitting an angel, especially in virtue, beauty, etc.:angelic sweetness.

twins ~ either of two persons or things closely related to or closely resembling each other.

This blog is shared by two ladies, both engineering students. Despite the fact that "engineering" is a "man's work", these two lovely ladies prove that they can still be fashionable although they chose to be inclined in a "man's job".

Three major reasons why it was entitled, "The Angelic Twins"

1. Twins; not because we're identical nor biological sisters, but a lot of people says that we look similar. Our friends and family tell us we look the same. Teehee ^^

2. Angelic; because we think and we feel pretty.

3. Lastly, we both have a history being teased and called "Angel Locsin" Hahahaha :D

Blog Birth date: December 3, 2012

Disclaimer: All photos here are originally owned by the Angelic Twins unless otherwise stated.

Official email: theangelictwins@gmail.com

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Other Posts:
Looking fresh with white.
written on Monday, May 6, 2013 @ 10:55 PM ✈

Another post for you guys! How's your summer doing? Abee's stuck with summer class. Bummer! (Tongue-out from Jianne, Abee) Hahaha! Yeah, we're crazy! Jianne just got home from driving school. (Jianne: Yes, I enrolled in a driving school so that I can drive a car manually, not automatically.) 

Anyhoo, let's go back to the real thing here. We had this shoot last March. Yes, our post is soooo late but better late than never, right?  Though our post was late, the outfits that we wore are apt to the very hot weather this summer. Whites. We wore white for the shoot. So refreshing, right?

White is the color of purity. It means kindness, cleanliness, sincerity and softness. Wearing white can impart purity and gives a wholesome impression. Wearing white makes you feel light and fresh.

Looking fresh with white, right? Look at the complete details of our outfits.

On Jianne's

White Top, Frenchtoss; Printed Skirt, Dad's gift; Flats, Parklane

Satchel, Thrift Store
Won the necklace from Frances and Flair's love month giveaway. Sponsored by Calee shop. ♥
Same with the necklace; Watch, Uni Silver

On Abee's

 Top, Forever 21; Pants, Shoppaholic

Loving the Hazel Contact Lens
 Brown Chunky Heels, Thrift Store; Bag, Nine West
 Watch, Gift; Arm Candies, DIY

We had a second photo shoot for the sake of our friend, Erico. So here are the photos:

Erico is Jianne's friend. She encouraged him to create an account on Lookbook and yes, he did make an account. You can hype his looks here.

In the meantime, hype his look when we had the shoot. And don't forget to hype our looks on Lookbook, okay? We'll sure do return the favor. :)

And visit Jianne's other blog here for more summer flicks. Thank you ♥

Much love,

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