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an•gel•ic ~ like or befitting an angel, especially in virtue, beauty, etc.:angelic sweetness.

twins ~ either of two persons or things closely related to or closely resembling each other.

This blog is shared by two ladies, both engineering students. Despite the fact that "engineering" is a "man's work", these two lovely ladies prove that they can still be fashionable although they chose to be inclined in a "man's job".

Three major reasons why it was entitled, "The Angelic Twins"

1. Twins; not because we're identical nor biological sisters, but a lot of people says that we look similar. Our friends and family tell us we look the same. Teehee ^^

2. Angelic; because we think and we feel pretty.

3. Lastly, we both have a history being teased and called "Angel Locsin" Hahahaha :D

Blog Birth date: December 3, 2012

Disclaimer: All photos here are originally owned by the Angelic Twins unless otherwise stated.

Official email: theangelictwins@gmail.com

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Other Posts:
Laced up! :)
written on Thursday, February 7, 2013 @ 2:18 AM ✈

Our theme for this week is laces. Unfortunately, Jianne had other commitments set on that day so she was not able to join me. -.- But it's okay, I understand my twin. ;) You all know that we don't have someone who can take pictures of us so we just take places, and that was my problem when I learned that Jianne won't make it. Good thing I saw my friends (Rani, Carla, and Chloe) and I asked them if they could accompany me so that I won't fail to give you an update which they said yes. ;>

For my outfit details:

Lace with pearl headband, Mom's DIY; Collared lace top, SM Department Store

"maybe now you'll know why I'm kinda fund of doing DIY's. hihi. ;'>"

Navy blue pants, SM Department Store; Wedges, Landmark

"That pair of pants had been my favorite now. It matches everything and it's very comfy!"

(Abee, Carla, Chloe and Rani)
See the color of our pants? We didn't plan about it. Us too were amazed when we noticed our it. ;)

 Thank you Rani for taking all my photos. Love you dear. ;)

Love lots ♥,

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